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Pioneers in Managed Cellular

We've set out to simplify cellular. Our expansive view across multiple carriers, contracts, and wireless environments means you get the best value on the market, every time. When it comes to managing cellular, Valet answers the call.

Managed Cellular
Pioneers in Managed Cellular
Managed Cellular

We Deliver Easy-Serve, Not Self-Serve.

Valet Wireless is part of the Compugen Group of Companies, a North American network of like-minded, technology-driven equity partners. Backed by the power and strength of Compugen, we bring a human touch to cellular management and organizations throughout Canada trust us to deliver seamless lifecycle services, expert asset management, and predictable cost control. Here's how it works.

Step 1: Benchmark

Let’s first pinpoint how your mobile environment stacks up to the latest industry standards and businesses of similar size and scope.

Step 2: Analyze

We’ll uncover opportunities for saving money and adding value based on your specific needs. We follow the data, helping you interpret the findings in clear and simple terms to make informed business decisions.


Step 3: Manage

Once we’ve identified and agreed upon your best path forward, we get right to work—implementing your plan, onboarding your team, and managing your devices.

Say Hello to Worry-Free Wireless

Cell plans and carrier wireless agreements are a cost of doing business today. But let's be honest—they're a burden to manage. That surprise bill at the end of the month, a cracked screen that needs repair, hours spent waiting for phone support, or a cumbersome "self-service" tool that winds up costing you more time to figure out.

What if we told you, it doesn't have to be this way. Imagine how much time you could save if you had a partner who took the ins and outs of cellular management off your hands. Valet answers the call.

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Switching Carriers
Valet takes the pain out of switching carriers. We coordinate directly with your staff, scheduling on-site appointments to transfer service without interruption.
National Repair Services
National Repair Services
To protect your fleet of devices - every cell phone is kitted with a gel case and glass screen protector. If someone drops their phone or it stops working, Valet has next day device replacement across Canada.
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Telecom Expense Management
Valet monitors data consumption and roaming in real-time. We help your staff operate within company standards. To reduce your costs, we identify devices with zero usage and provide easy to understand reporting for each user, manager and organization.
Wireless fleet
Second Life Devices
Valet wipes company data and disposes of old devices. When it is time to refresh your device fleet, Valet coordinates with team members to migrate to a new device. The old devices are then recycled (and not deposited in a landfill).
Service activation and device deployment
Service Activation and Device Deployment 
Wireless Expense Management 
Device Replacement and Repair 
Device Recapture, Refresh, and Recycle 
7/24 Bilingual Help Desk 
Mobile Device Management (MDM) Design and Implementation 

Get More Value with Valet

Our comprehensive wireless solutionsnational presence, device repair, expense monitoring, unrivalled dedication and continuous support ensure our customers receive the best value on the market. 

We provide wireless services extending from activation to upgrade and disposal across the wireless lifecycle.

Pioneers in Managed Cellular

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Request a Cellular Benchmark Report

Valet analyzes your usage information and performs a detailed assessment which includes information you can act on immediately, including:

  • Specific ways to reduce spend
  • Policies to encourage responsible usage
  • Strategies to reduce cancellation fees
  • And much more

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